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2011 into 2012

This time last year I posted this
2011 More running less drinking Save money Blog a week? (a day is certainly not going to happen) rugby..... build my company so that its not just my contracting that brings in money

So how have I done?

More running and less drinking, as you would expect, go hand in hand. While not being amazing at it things were certainly different enough that I was happy. Made great headway in the running that I managed to achieve my personal best for a 10K at just over 60 minutes. While all the running was taking place it did meant that I didnt feel like drinking as much. Sadly this all fell apart in December but, it is party season. Back onto it for Jan though.

Save money and work on Sawdit also went together. Due to the workload and the generosity of Global Dawn. I was able to stack enough money away that gave me six months just focusing on the company. New customers, some support contracts and now a full partner in the company. Lets hope this continues for this year.

AS for the final two, doesn't take a genius to see that blog a week was a failure and I have at least thought about buying rugby boots so that is a step closer..

All in all I am very impressed with what I did manage to do and as I always live by "only regret the things you haven't done not the things you do" I have once again had an amazing year.

So whats for 2012?

The company work will hopefully continue and will hopefully grow to allow us to start to take on employees.

On a personal note I have two aims.
I will properly learn two programming language this year, not sure which ones but if you have any suggestions, let me know. The second one for now I will keep to myself but I will update as things change with it.

Have a good year all and I hope everything goes the way you want it. Just so you know my year has started excellently. I am sat on a beach in beautiful sunshine here in Spain. life can be amazing sometimes :)

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