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The long lost art of the yearly review has been rekindled. Lets have a look over the last one, done early 2015 and where I am and what I want to do this year.

Now that my entire blog just sits there as a git repo I fall across it far more often and get reminded that it exists much more than ever before. I always used to do a review and a look ahead but, as with many things, time and energy appear to have broken that trend but I feel it was always a good thing to do, even if it did cause me to beat myself up a little bit. Obviously life has changed so much since the last review, including the way I think about things that this could be quite a change!

The last review is posted here With two challenges and two goals.

Challenge one was to read 12 fiction books, yep I did that not so sure I reviewed them, but I certainly read 12. The cool thing about a site called goodreads and its stats 2015 in full view. 2016 was a whole different ball game, I knew that there would be no chance but for 2017 I once again stepped up to the plate, only 10 books but I managed to smash that out of the park with a full 11 books, including the might tombe that is Tools of Titans. I have already set myself the 10 book challenge again this year.

Hmmm, Challenge 2

Twelve different technology reviews around the cloud computing/containerisation tech posted to the blog

I have no real idea, if I did or didnt and not going to look back either. I have learned over the past few year but really understood coming into this year that the less I'm blogging about technology the more I am most probably learning and doing. I'm not sure if thats a good thing but I very much work in the way of once I get my head down, I'm off and forget that I should be screen shotting and noting exact steps and I always believe I can come back and do it all again, I never do. I do wonder, if I took the time to stop and note, gather screen shots, if it would help me remember things better. Age and the pressure of memory distraction, due to so much going on, is certainly showing but I often only have small bits of time to get things done and getting them done has now become the focus. That said, I am creating a new site with someone else where I will have to write the content. Will keep you posted.

On to the goals

Reduce my dept.

Yeah thats was done but not at an accelerate rate, all the money was being poured into the house. I say that but credit cards have been clear for over a year and I have just paid off my loan and this month sees the last payment for our sofa, so things have been reduced. Increases have been around the car, PCP for a new car and we now have to make a decision of what to do with it next, likely give back as its worth a lot less than what is owed, which will mean expense of a new car this year but this will likely be a lease so we know exactly what it will cost

Keep the fitness going, PT, chopping wood, running or going for walks all count but lets see if I can do something every week. Maybe set a challenge to hit an 8000 step average each month......

Well, as I dont really leave the house for work any more, step just dont exist. On top of that for the first 14 months of the boy, just making it through the day, staying awake was a struggle but I have been doing a work out once a week HITT with Harriolli PT and thats been amazing, if only for the fact I can now skip for over 30 seconds, pretty sure thats not something I have been able to do since school.

OK, so that the review. Now lets throw in that we did get married and are still married and we now have a 15 month old boy. The hous eis nearly complete, the last bits are currently being finished off over this month and the first week of Feb. Where does that leave me?

Biggest change is looking to move house, this time a lot less of a wreck. Tasks to be done there will be sorting out my paper work process in my office. At th emoment paperwork is everywhere and I never have the time or, if I have the time, the energy to get it sorted, I need to make it easier from day one.

Next big drive is to get priority on what I really want to do. Mostly focusing this around the career and the external projects that I have on. Includes not buying any more courses until I know what I really want to learn. Getting some form of order down on all my project based on excitement, learning and then finally earning potential. The way I see it if I can really focus on the excitement, the learning is normally right there and then, if I can, find a way of making a bit of cash around it. Most of this I can see being around the continuning improvements in my python programming and also really getting to grips with JS and the myriad of frameworks it has.

A bit more wandering than previously but I guess I'm a lot happier where I am in life with the exception of a few areas and thats what I am going to be pondering over the coming year.

Thats it from me, hope you all have your path mapped out and I hope you are working on all your objectives right now!

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