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A film a week - Film 1 Muppets in Space

A bit of a lie as we have decided that we can do them at anytime but me and the SO (well me) have decided that we should watch one film a week. This is mostly to get away from watching soaps but I think it should allow us (me) to see some films I have wanted but been blocked from seeing.

Each one will have a little review. There are no rules other than we have to do 52 and I have to write about each one.

Here we go, number one and we start off with something classy

Film 1

Muppets from Space

Oh yes everyone loves the Muppets and yet some how I had managed to miss this one. Now let's be honest, pretty much all of the Muppets films have been a little bit odd/strange in a few places but this one is really out there. You only have to look at the start and the dream about Noah, if that isn't enough for you, just minutes later we get to meet the Cosmic Fish, if that isn't a good indication that the writers were a little relaxed at the time I don't know what is....

It follows the same lines as all the other movies, making it great for kids and certainly watching as an adult. a perfect film for a crappy afternoon ie an excellent choice for today..

I give it a decent 7 out of 10

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