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A long time in coming

Yep took a little while to get this update in didn't it.

First things first, have you got a techie job for me? if so mail me am now pretty much a free agent (give or take a couple of days mopping up a few things for people). So if you want a shit hot Architect/technical lead/systems administrator now is your opportunity.

So whats been happening,

I have a broken wrist and fractured elbow, the biggest part of why there has been no updates!!

Also a few days working on, what was described as Apache hardening but turns out to be, rebuild basically!! Although it was good to get the hands dirty doing things like that, it was on windows. I cannot say how much better the LAMP stack is in comparison to a WAMP stack. For all the talk of specialist skill and extra cost associated with hire Linux system admins for something like that its rubbish. lamp stacks just simply work, whereas the version I was playing with and on 2k8 just wouldn't play nicely. As I said it is nice to get the hands dirty again and start flinging out some Apache foo!!

Another cool thing, not so much for desktops but netbooks.

Ubuntu 10.10 is soooo much better than the previous incarnation of the netbook install. the easy of access to running programs and the most often used programs via and Apple-esq dock bar on the side is great. Freaks me out a little as that is where my windows taskbar also sits but that auto hides, so it just sitting there has confused me a few times. Not yet had a chance to really fish around anything else but it is still so worth the upgrade just of the interface redesign.

Now im back on the case, more updates to follow a lot sooner (well hopefully).

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