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All quiet in here

Once again, things have been quiet in here, not what I wanted but certainly I am back quicker than I normally have been after a hiatus in the past.


100% lack of time. Since I was last on here I have changed jobs (yes again, I know), so that involved making sure that everything was handed over. The house has had three rooms plastered, one is now complete, one needs skirting boards and sockets wired and the last needs sockets fitted and then the carpet to be delivered and fitted. Throw in Christmas, throw in honeymoon and here we are, just about to hit March.

Don't worry I did complete the book reading, just didn't have the time to finish off the write ups. They will be done and set for release very soon. My usual review and whats ahead will happen, I suspect more towards the end of March but I think I already have a plan of action in place, and I'm looking to follow it, the great thing being, I work closer to home so can do more things, have more energy and I'm already back learning things again!!

More posts coming very soon, I promise

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