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And now for something a little different...

This blog was never supposed to be about technology and being geeky alone as there are many other things I am just as geeky about. I suppose the time spent working in startup companies and also pushing hard to get my business up and running has just given me that focus.

But to day something different, after a long week of lots of coding and very little sleeping upon the advice of flatmate, decided to take the afternoon off to buy more fish for my tank and to cook a decent Sunday lunch. This involved a shop that, as always with either of my flat mates more time was spent looking at booze than food. So with new beers in hand, here is the first and hopefully not last of my pointless opinion of beers.

Caesar Augustus (4.1%)from the Williams Brothers Brewing Company.

This is described as a larger / IPA hybrid due to the brewing process. Initially fermented for at least two weeks, it is then largered for at least four more weeks, during that time they add IPA style hops.

This is a very pale colour, as you would expect for something described as a larger. The taste is true to what they say, this has an initial clean, light and crisp taste that is soon followed by very strong hop tastes. Although I do like an IPA, there are some that push the hops a little too far. I think possibly that the why they throw the hops in really pushed their flavour as it is extremely hoppy, no to my particular taste. So if you love the flavour of hops give this a go as the other flavours do makes this a clean refreshing beverage.

Past Masters, XX Strong Ale (7.5%). Fullers.

Part of the heritage series and hopefully the start of the nice strong seasonal ales. Not sure what to expect as the flavours can be so different, this one certainly didn't disappoint . The colour is a very pleasant medium brown and it has a very sweet smell. The taste explodes on the tongue, with the smoothness of licorice and then a sweet malty taste. This is certainly something that I will be trying to get hold of again in the future. If you see it I would certainly advise giving it a try.

Now I'm at the end of this I have realised that I should have possibly thought a little more about the best way of judging these things. As both of them have long been polished off earlier today. Will think about that before any more reviews, also it would be nice to try the XX again :)

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