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Book Six : Under The Knife

So, this was the second book in a double novel pack that I had of Tess Gerritsen. If you remember the last one wasn't really my cup of tea, Mills and Boon being my first thought while reading it and having that confirmed to me, from her current publishers review on Amazon. Still, it was part of the books that I had bought specifically as part of my reading challenge so there was no way that I was going to skip out on it.

What a different world, as yet I haven't checked, but I suspect this was from the post Mills and Boon days, not that there was that bit of love, longing and sex that I can imagine would make an older ladies heart palpitate but it was as weak, sad and slushy as the previous book that I read. In fact this was a very enjoyable read.

The girlfriend can read a book in about a week, I always thought that it was her amazing ability to read that was the difference, now reading this book and knowing it by an author I know she likes, I can understand why she clears these books so quickly, it took me less than four days to finish.

This is never going to be something that will change your life but it is certainly something enjoyable. The story is much stronger than the first one of hers that I read, the love/sex interest was a lot more balanced, you knew where the story was going but not the ultimate outcome, more importantly it was a very easy read. There was enough substance while still being simple that it was a pleasure from start to finish. I think that many of the SciFi books that I read are often very demanding, there is a lot to remember, there are a lot of sub plots different people and all things that merge together finally in the end, the void trilogy being an extreme example, but the do demand a big level of concentration. I often find myself having to go back a few pages just to remember whats happening and there was none of that with this. It was a solid interesting read, well written and, for me anyway, the remance part wasn't just pushed in or got in the way of the story, it actually enhanced it. It is certainly a book I would recommend and I think I now understand what people mean when they say holiday read. I should possibly take note of that and try and find a few more things like it for myself and I could possibly meet the two books a month that they have targeted on the Facebook book club!!

All in all a pleasant and easy read, once again I'm thinking that I should have gone for a scoring scale out of ten, or even 100, to give a better distinguishing score between books but as its out of five I will give it a healthy 3.5

Under The Knife
Tess Gerritsen

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