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Book Ten: How To Win Friends and Influence People

Hello to you all, we are now very much into December and I'm playing catch up with everything. Yes I am a married man, she was daft enough to turn up, it was a great day and I would love to thank every how turned up to celebrate it with us. We are still waiting on the official photographs and I'm sure that once I get them there will be a post so I wont say much more and move straight onto the book review.

This book was put together by Dale Carnegie in the early 20th century, yet, nearly 100 years later an awful lot of it is still as accurate and appropriate now as it was then. Yes, what's is considered acceptable has turned, twisted and morphed and peoples views and acceptance of things is different but much of what he speaks about goes directly to human psyche and behaviour. Much of it ticks boxes that we cannot control. Luckily they have updated something as time has past but much remains as it was originally written. The anecdotes are all very useful, if not sometimes a little bland, to help explain what he means and what the affect it can have.

It is certainly a very interesting book to read. As one of the earliest self help style books out there, to have something still relevant show what effort he must have put into the book in the first place. Its a nice light and easy read and one that gets its point across in such a way that you can remember and act upon it. As there was none of the same level of brain science and electronics in that era as there is today do not expect in depth analysis of why we behave in such ways, just as you get from most modern psychology books, and that is what makes this such a good book. it focuses on what to do and the outcome not the why or how it works.

As it such an easy read and does really make a difference, at least in only making you think about your actions, I say grab a copy and give it a few hours love. You wont regret it in any way

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