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Book eight: Drive

"The surprising truth about what motivates us", A pretty impressive tagline and certainly something that this book delivers on.

Daniel H. Pink is a man who is very much at the forefront of modern psychology around peoples thinking, motivations and what is needed to make people happy in the work place.

This is a book that I had been thinking of getting for a few months. After attending a tech day with my current company and it being recommended as something to read from one of the talks I decided I needed to get it then and there. I would say that it has certainly been my best work development purchase of the year and I have bought a huge amount of learning materials so far this year.

he book is set out in three very specific sections, a new operating system, the three elements and type I toolkit.

So the first section goes into the history of how companies have come to their methods of motivation and why that might not be the best way for everyone these days. It covers some of the test, studies and discoveries that have happened over the years and how jobs and types of work have changed yet many companies still believe in the same methods of motivation and reward for getting the best out of people

The second section, The Three Elements, is all about what is needed in many modern roles to make sure that employees are happy productive and delivering good work on time. It is a surprising shift from what was and still is the best way of motivating so of the more manual, repetitive jobs of the more industrial work.

The final sections cover tools and tricks that are mentioned throughout the book that can be used to create the Type I person that the book is aiming for. Most of these are quite interesting although they do need some time a dedication to make sure you work through them. Its something that I am working on but already, a few minor changes and I can see how things can be improved.

Without doubt this book gets an instant 5 out of 5. Some of that rating is because it fits the working environment that I work in, it might not be for every one but if you're doing anything above a menial tasks, there should certainly be something useful. Unlike most "Self" help books, this one is certainly focused on a lot more science than most, so even if you just have a passing interest, grab a copy.

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