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Creating Apps In Kivy - Dusty Phillips

This, so far, has to be the most difficult review of all the O'Reilly blogger reviews I have had to do and I am certainly torn.

Kivy, for those that don't know, is a python framework that allows you to build multiplatform mobile applications. This book takes you through the process of creating a weather application and is most likely the reason there are loads of weather apps on the google android store. The book, it is certainly not up to the usual standard in clarity and writing that I am used to with books of this kind from from them. It comes across as much more of a rushed series of blog posts that have then been made into a book. While that style, and it might just be me that finds it a little but unsettling, made it difficult for me the book as a whole did really get all the information across that you could want to start using this and I created the application, while also twisting little bits to assist in other projects I had already written but needed to take further. Part of that reuse is due to suggestions being made in the book making me realise how I could use it on my projects.

So, as I said I torn. yes an application and not just that but more than enough understanding to go on and use it for myself and happily use it. But the number of times I had to read parts of it to understand what I was trying to do or what was being said was a major pain but that could certainly be my learning style, or even my expectations but I believe that reading things so often has helped me remember so much more of it

As I don't think I can give half starts I will take it from the 3.5 stars to 4 simply because. while i didn't like its style I certainly learnt a lot and I think anyone working their way though would as well

If you want to grab yourself a copy, click the image below

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