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Day 1 100 Days of code

More than 30 minutes, so thats a win.

10 minutes spent looking at Miguel Gribergs massive flask tutorial. Why? Will I followed it when it first came out and thats what give me my start in flask. Got to be honest I jumped around it more than followed it as I needed the site up and running ASAP. For his rewrite, I own the ebook and I think its time I actually learnt how to build flask apps correctly, or at least in the latest way. Much of the first 3 chapters is pretty basic stuff, so nothing to push me yet but its a start and its a start of my 100 days.

Over an hour has also been spent on the blog, first thing looking at sorting out the pagination code, not there yet, so not fixed but I have managed to fix the header image. Not the porigin, which is annoying but at least thats one thing fixed and visible for my first day of coding!

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