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Day 10 100 Days of code

So this chapter went further than just error handling, it covered alerting via email, writing to log files and then actually fixing an issue with updating the profile name to one that is already in teh database. Some quite complex things happening in this chapter, in particular around the validation around the username in the profile edit form.

This learnt

Running a local mail server for debugging, in python, is insanely easy and such a wonderful thing

python -m smtpd -n -c DebuggingServer localhost:8025

Things confusing me

Classes and overloaded functions Classes are still the bain of my life and I have never really taken the time to understand overloaded functions properly.

While the idea of sending an email to alert on errors was the preferred way previously, slack etc, are the new cooling. Something to add to the list once I have finished the tutorial...

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