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Day 2 100 Days of code

On with the Miguel Grinberg flask tutorial tonoght, simply because I'm back into the python at wokr tomorrow and need the context switch out of powershell (please dont ask me about powershell or how it works, but it certainly aint bash!)

Chapter two: Templates. Once again nice and easy as I know Jinja2 and this is a crucial part of flask and building sites in flask. Lucky for me, it would appear nothing has changed :)

Made a start on Chapter3: Web forms. This uses flask-wtf. I had used this many moons ago, Little glitch of learning around the class for the configuration. Mentioned it below, will see how it pans out. Holding off before I actually move into the flask-wtf part

Things learnt:-

export FLASK_DEBUG=1 to allow autoreload and better debugging

Things still confusing me

The from_object import for the config. Hoping I that will sink in when I'm a little less tired

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