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Day 4 100 Days of code

Finishing chapter three, the creation of the simple login form, was more a case of just putting in the time. Nothing complex and nothing that I hadnt used on sites in the past but, as with everything going through the tutorial this time, I am taking the time to read through everything in the book.

Chapter four introuces the management of databases. This is something I completely skipped last time and havent come back to for two reasons.

  1. I'm not a great fan of ORMs, then tend to hide things and are often the cause of latency in applications
  2. This tutorial introduces and uses migration management. Too often in the past, as a sysadmin, Ive been left to fix the shit when a dev hasnt properly checked the migration script. When I say properly, what I really mean is checked in any way shape or form..

This is about learning and its always good to understand to be able to demonstrate that you have used it and give more weight when arguing for or against something

Things learnt:-

Everything is new to me here

Things still confusing me

When you pass a function as a default, SQLAlchemy will set the field to the value of calling that function

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