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Film 12 X-men: Days of future past

Two things.

1 We are fighting hard to catch up with the 52 films for the year

2 I think sitting through the whole of After Earth has given great karma on all the films since.

While the very first film of the whole x-men series was amazing, none of the rest have quite lived up to the same. I'm certainly not saying that they were bad just not up to number one, until right now and by right now I mean I have only been out of the cinema for 45 minutes since I started writing this ( I suspect it will be published a bit later though).

It truly is an amazing film, so much drama, so many twists and turns and such an amazing cast, old and new.

The basis of the story, as I don't want to give too much away, the actions of mystique not only destroys the futures of the mutants but also the whole human race, leaving the worst of people in power. The only way to save themselves is to send someone back to stop the killing so the whole course of history is changed and all before they are killed in the future.

As I said there are many twists and turns, examples of mutant powers and so very cool old and new moments. Still, as we are seeing with all marvel films even from the different studios, good bits of humour.

I think the end really closes off the film in a very classy way. Bring on the next one is all I can say.

4.5 out of 5

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