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Film 14 Total Recall (2012)

<p>And finally we make it, something that has broken the run of crap of late. SO much so that this is the first of three films seen over the past two days that I am writing (or have to) write about.

What a great film. Yet another remake of an old classic but this one has been done so well.

They have taken the original and twisted it, enough to break it away from the original, and possibly make it even more plausible, but have kept some excellent references to the original, including three breasted women "You can get anything you want down here".

As opposed to including Mars, this is all based on Earth where there are only two inhabitable places the UK and Australia, known now as The united Federation of Britain and the Colony. A nice little back reference to a life a long tie ago. The only way between them is to travel through the plant and the colony is the run down part of the world, supplying all the workers for the federation.

If you know the original then there is so much you will recognise. One of the great things are the improved special affects, not really a surprise considering the original was pretty cutting edge but is now 24 years old, they couldn't afford not to make them good.

I also think, and this is one possibly just for me or if you have lived in London for any length of time, the way that they had build the extra city above what is currently there, giving flashes of things that get recognised in both the still inhabited locations and out side. The "extra" new parts of the city are, once again, very very pretty special affects.

Well worth a watch 4.5 out of 5!!

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