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Film 15 21 Jump Street

So this was watched since the significant other had decided that we should see 22 jump street because it looked really funny (that's what she said, I think its more likely it has Channing Tatum in it and its the closest she can get to as good looking as me on the screen). I had seen a few trailers of 22 Jump street so decided it would be a good plan, just in case it was required to be able to understand some of the jokes.

Not at all what I was really expecting, it was truly very very funny and there was a lot going on. Written to obviously flip the normality of film life seeing the two guys swap places and both excel in doing what the other would normally do does make it funnier, nothing better than a jock getting caught up in science (the looks, the sporting prowess and the intelligence, it's almost like it was modelled on my life!!).

Certainly worth a watch, nice light-hearted and some very funny bits..

3.5 stars for this one!!

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