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Film 16 The Heat

Certainly not my choice as you can imagine but I was seriously shocked by this one. Also as it was a second comedy film in a row, was even more shocked that not only did it keep me entertained but did a good job of making me laugh.

Not really a big fan of Sandra Bullock, she isn't an actor who's films I hunt out but unlike Tom Cruise at least I don't hate her and she has done some really good things in the past, not only that but she has done many different style, comedy, yes, normally appalling.

This is just a good old fashion buddy cop film. The uptight one with the wild and reckless one. Things change in both their attitudes as the film moves on, makes it slightly different but the great thing is the humour just keeps coming, The writing and direction is great, a few sad soul searching moments but mostly so good jokes and good fun.

I might just be getting soft but a good move, not quite for children but certainly a good laugh

4 out of 5

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