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Film 17 Dredd

Not really sure what to make of this one, as with Total recall, there isn't much based on the older version. Unlike total recall I also didn't see any nice back references. Despite all of that and, as I said, not being sure about it I can certainly remember an awful lot about it considering I am writing this up some time later and still very tired from a week of little sleep. I guess that has to say something about the film.

There is certainly a lot of violence and action, all very much focused with the story as opposed to just for the sake of it and it does tell a really good story. There certainly isn't the cheese that came with the first version although I think that Karl Urban (Judge Dredd) has to have put in one of the most wooden performances I have seen in years. I think he would have been far better off in Robocop than this!!

Ok so its guns, violence some wooden acting, same pretty decent acting from the two female leads. Should you watch..... Nah, you could miss it and it certainly wont affect your life. Once again its a filler as opposed to a must watch but me remembering pretty much all of the story line, I should still give it a good score (or is it just a case that my mind is a bit warped and that's why I remember....)

3 out of 5, if it's on go for it

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