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Film 19 22 Jump Street. Read this its for your own good :)

Well we are catching up fast. It's amazing how easy that can be when you give up doing the house fixing thing and become completely the opposite of what I have been for months and just basically do nothing. Its been nice, with all the pressure from work and coming home to more stress.

Anyway, while on this downtime, we had a date night. Part of the reason we watched 21 Jump Street the other week was to make sure that we would be ready to see this one. Not sure if it was needed or not but it made sense, just in case there was any cross film jokes. A good idea, not that you need to have seen it but it did add extra to some of the jokes.

It's not very often that you get to say this but this was even better than the first. Yes some of the jokes are rolled over and the idea is the same but this was just so much better. Change of roles is always good in films and they play this one out perfectly. There are more jokes packed in, at one point I actually thought I was going to have a heart attack. Without giving too much away it's when all the main characters realise who the one night stand was actually with.

Please go and watch this, excellent summer movie and lots of fun.

5 stars

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