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Film 20 Gravity

It's easy to play catch up when you're on a transatlantic flight!!

I've been sent to New York for work so thought I would make the most of the films on board. After the hype and the awards it had one Gravity was something I had missed at the cinema but really wanted to see.

The film was good but not amazing but I can certainly agree with all the awards that it won for the special effects. It's certainly not a bad film, it keeps you entertained, has a pretty good storyline behind it, certainly something that makes you think, and it all looks and comes across as realistic. Yes there might be the odd astronaut that might be able to tell me different but it all looked plausible, except the Vodka possibly...

But this is all in space and space stations, not something you can just send a film crew or two to pop along and get some shots. I haven't dug into how they did it, I suspect it was a lot of green screen and processing power, but what they did and how they have managed to make it so realistic is truly amazing, breathtaking even.

Yes it certainly lived up to the hype, certainly lived up to all of the awards that it was given and is certainly worth a " title="Gravity" target="_blank">watch.

4 stars.

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