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Film 22 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

So the final film on my flight to New York. Not sure that seeing replays of the Twin Towers getting destroyed in the 9/11 attacks is ever the best thing to see when you're sat on a plane that is heading directly to that city.

Why did I choose this? It was going to fit into the amount of time I had left before we landed and if it didn't, well wasn't really worried. So that's why I ended up watching the replays and not turning it off.

I'm wasn't sure if this wasn't a sequel or just the first off, I'm still not, as it's that kind of film. Your knackered and don't really want to think, don't really care just as long as its fast, furious and there are lots of explosions. Not quite all that, certainly not a xXx style of chaos but that made it better. There is quite some depth in the whole things and clever twists and turns that make it more interesting. Then all the chaos and mayhem starts. Yes its really unbelievable and yes its stupid but what did I say about not caring? Yep it hit the spot.

Once again don't want to give things away but the road that he drives out of, yep, you will know the one I'm on about. Well on my visit, without even realising my mate pointed out the road as we walked across it while taking a walk from his place. That made it a little bit cooler ;)

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