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Film 23 The Ruin

Americans, a Mayan temple and a wild weed bush with poppy flowers. This was going to make Ghosts of Mars look something amazing.

I was back from the US and had some friends around for a BBQ, it was quite late, full of food and booze and not far away from going to bed and this film hit BBC. Being the wonderful host that I am I asked would they like something else on, I was too late. Mates girlfriend was already hooked and it had only been on five minutes.

So basically the whole of the film is described in that first sentence, there is a little bit more in some natives who shoot their own person, just because he has touched this strange plant that looks very much like weed on steroids.

This is great, it is the perfect B movie style, simple story line, no special filming and some really bad but often gory special effects and shots, certainly lots of tomato ketchup used for blood. It's so bad it draws you in and makes you want to watch it right the way through to the end. I will be honest that I did really enjoy it despite it being appalling acting, shooting and effects. I do love a good B movie.

Don't bust a gut to find it but if it is on, its likely to be late at night so watch it with a few beers and enjoy it for what it actually is...

but, its ok, we can keep a secrete and at that price.... Ruin

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