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Film 24 The Davinci Code

Well this was a shocker and very thought-provoking. I had missed this film during it most hyped times, trying hard to make sure that I read the book first. Sadly the book has sat on the shelf far longer than I expected. For once, in this house, the dust layer is from lack of use rather than all of the dirt from the building work.

With TV box sets having been finished, we have just completed Orange Is The New Black, and not being able to decide what to do next we decided that sky was the next option but there really isn't anything to watch film wise at this moment (this is likely to be finished and posted well after watching the film by the time I actually finish writing it). We were force to trawling through the older films that are on there. Let me tell you there is a lot of shite. limited supply and not really having any idea, neither of us having seen it but know it reputation here we were.

It was very very clever and was certainly well written. I'm not sure how close it was to the book, I suspect there are a lot of differences as a lot of back story might have been greater, as is the norm with something as complex as this. Still, from my point of view it managed to get a lot of history across, be that accurate or not, and still make a film that was interesting, complex and quite fast paced. Certainly lots of plot twists and surprises to keep you interested all the way through. It's a long film but at no point did I worry about that and it certainly didn't make me think about it. Something that recent Marvel films have done, a pretty good way of measuring my true feelings about a whole film.

Rock my world, most amazing thing ever, no but certainly something that's well worth a watch. I might even give it a second watch just to see what I missed the first time around. It made the time fly by, kept me interested, the acting was pretty good, all in all certainly worth a watch..

4.5 stars, just because I actually put my laptop down and watched it from start to finish.

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