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Film 25 - Step up 2 the streets

Ok, certainly not my scene and I don't know if this genre has been influenced by the likes of JLS or if JLS exist due to the "coolness" of these films. With the other half being into dance, she did a lot when younger hence her appalling taste in music!!, these things pop up on the TV with regularity. I'm lucky to be doing other things normally, last week changing driveshafts on the car was good cover....

So, this isn't really really a review about the film, if I'm being honest I was more really using the time to catch up with all the missed posts on here but I was still listening and I think that counts perfectly for this type of film and for what I'm about to say..

I really enjoyed it.

As I said, I didn't actually watch it, I switched off for most of the dialog but the music was amazing. As with the ones that I caught last week, it's the music that makes these films along with some of the BBoy dancing. I won't score this but I did "watch" it and, if you get to see any of these things, just love them for the music...

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