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Film 26 - Sharknado 2 The Second One

My life is almost complete, I just need to see the first one.

A SyFy channel exclusive, straight to TV movie, broadcast one day in America and the following day in the UK. It gave the channel its largest ever original movie audience at 3.9 million viewers in the US alone. It generated over 1 billion impressions on Twitter. This thing is truly Epic, we are talking Yorkie bar epic here.

With cameos from people such as Billy Ray Cyrus (yep Mileys old man), random American day time TV people (think loose women types but less dirty) and Tara Reid still in the lead role, it was always going to be good.

I've not watched the first but it certainly on my list and you are likely to see me give a write up here as its going to make it into this list of 52 films. My mention of liking B movies, this tickles the spot. I don't doubt that all of the special effects could have been a lot better, we are talking really really bad, I don't doubt that the acting could have been better but I think they aimed directly for that direct to TV market we all remember from when we were younger, such low-budget that you could almost imagine things being made out of egg boxes and fairy washing up liquid to look like space ships and stuff.

So whats the plot, not hard to guess with a title like that. Tornado's, throwing sharks up into the air and all of these sharks are hungry, mostly looking very rubbery but still very hungry. Only one man can save New York and it just happens to be the same man who was there the last time there was a Sharknado. Some really good bits, like the weather forecast, the deadpan way the reports are talking about it. the fact that random thing flood, while ground floor hotel lobbies stay dry. You really can't fault its class.

5.5 stars out of 5 it really is that good!!!!

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