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Film 27 - Guardians of the Galaxy

Date night, on a Friday night and we got to it so much more relaxed that we normally do, the cool thing about Gemma working in Aylesbury and me working from home on a Friday.

We decided to let the rush die down before going to see it, even though we had seen the trailer very early on, I believe at the Thor movie.

As far as Marvel films go it certainly didn't disappoint. Remember this is not the avengers, something very different but it comes with all the fun jokes and chaos that you will normally associate with a Marvel film. One cool thing about this I think the soundtrack is at least on par with Iron Man, if not, its possible just a fraction better. It's not too often you will find trees, raccoons, green people and stolen children joining together is a random solar system to save the universe, let alone the fact that the raccoon is an engineering genius with an evil sense of humor.

I think the best way to describe it is lots of odd people drawn together for the common goal of money and killing one person but the end is all about how well they work together despite mostly being dodgy as hell. Very good fun, good music, really good special effects and certainly well worth watching, goto the cinema unless you have an amazing sound system as it will add a lot more to it ( i do miss the old cinema we used to goto with its private vip room with its amazing sound)

A very very good 4.5 stars

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