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Film 28 - One Chance

Good god, I think I need to take charge of Saturday afternoon TV. I know that we don’t have sky sports but really, how many weekends in a row am I going to have things like this inflicted on me!!

So, I don’t blame the guy in getting a film out about his life, as the saying goes make hay while the sun is shining but, and this is a great big mahoosive BUT, who the fuck decided this would be an exciting film. The guy was made famous by reality TV, he sings well, I’m sure that for the opera world there will be a lot more work for him but good god. He tried when he was younger and bottled it, his old man was an arse, he met his girlfriend on-line and they got married. Whoopie doooo. I have to be honest, reading his Wikipedia page made him seem even more exciting than the film did.

So despite some very good acting from James Corden and Mackenzie Crook this should have been kept to a straight to tv movie only ever shown on movies 24.

2 stars, good acting and good on Paul Potts but nothing in it

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