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Film 29 - Xmen

As you might have guessed there is a lot of love for marvel in our house. Nothing new from me, this is all down to the girl friend, she is the reason we went to see guardians of the galaxy, she is actually the reason we have been to the last four marvel films as I was so wrapped up in things I hadn't even realised they were at the cinemas. Now she has discovered her inner geek, there is a lot of opportunity to go back over things and she was very unsure of the X-Men films she has seen. Why it has taken Sky to put them up to on demand I don't know as they (the three originals) are all in blu ray on the shelf. Never mind, another chance to watch them and it's been a long time.

So, logically, X-Men was up first. It has been a very long t&e and so many more films since I last watched this, I was lost for a little while but soon everything came flooding back. I was a little saddened, this is still an amazing film and if your new to the whole X-Men series or have caught one of them and want to know what is going on go right back to this one it really is that good. I was saddened, not because the film has aged, certainly not in the way films normally age but mostly, I believe, due to the great way the series has moved on. Yep we have jumped around time line but each one has brought in so much more and so many exciting stories and characters. As I said you need this as it introduces all the key characters that tie a lot together for many of the other films but it is so basic in comparison to what we now get from them.

I believe that watching this has allowed me appreciate what has come since, this isn't bad at all, and I still got the same level of excitement just not in the same way as the newer films and it's made me realise that some of my gripes about the newer films are pretty pointless when you consider where the films have got to.

I still think this deserves a 4 stars and a recommendation to watch it.

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