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Film 30 - Xmen 2

I am pretty sure that I have seen this film at least three times previously yet I couldn't remember most of it, I believe that I might have slept through 3/4 of the film each time before, why I have no idea as it is an amazing film, better, than the original and, even with what I said in the X-Men review, I think this might actually be the best of the entire series. It's certainly quite different but there is a lot more of an emotional ride. I think it's great in trying to get across some of the pains that mutants have already been through or are still going through both physically and emotionally. Another thing is expands upon is the Magneto fear of how the humans will use mutants and that they need to be removed from the planet. Another great thing is it's the first glimpse of what happened to Wolverine, an obvious set up for the future films.

I really can't wait to go back to number 3 as I hope it will also be as good as this and the first one has been. Don't worry I will let you know ;)

4.5 stars, better than I remember and certainly no let down for the entire series!

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