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Film 31 - The Lego Movie

I know that this is a movie aimed for kids, well I'm assuming that anyway as that's Legos core market. Still it's Lego and they do a lot of very geeky things that are for the more mature child and certainly cost enough that it is only likely to be the more mature that can save up enough pocket-money! Many a kids animated movie is also just as much fun for adults for example Despicable Me, Hotel Transylvania even Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs. Well I tick the Lego fan, it tick the more mature child and all three of the films plus many more have been really good fun to watch.

I'm afraid to tell you all my loyal readers but in this instance I failed you. Normally no matter how bad I will stick things out but this moved beyond bad into annoying. I have no idea what they were doing, you can't put together a cast like that and then make the dialogue so sad and bland. I wasn't expecting a groundbreaking or thought provoking story but I was hoping for something silly and fun with lots of silly jokes for the kids and subtle things firmly aim at adults but nothing like that, they gave us and unfunny children's level adult swim. I think what killed it for me was when the "female lead" started telling us how good bat,and music was and how he was a serious artist. I think it really missed the mark. No doubt kids will love it, just possible for "everything is awesome" and for all you adults, I you really do have my sympathy. Why did I fail? For the dames reason I can't give you a score. I didn't, no, I couldn't get to the end. It was that bad as far as I was concerned I just had to turn it off.

My first failure and the first film I have had to turn off in a very long time. So sad as it could have given so much.

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