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Film 32 The wolf of wall street

Ok, I'm still a little behind but not bad considering all thats happened and is happening.

So a little bit of downtime this weekend, by that I mean we were free to do whatever all weekend (apart from the visiting of wedding venues). Mostly mooched around, visited a few breweries, tried to find a shed, got told I couldn't rent the land I wanted I would have to buy something three times what I wanted but all in all very enjoyable.

So with the free time, we decided to watch a film and wolf of wall street was there on Sky for us

What a cracking film, not at all what I expected and the time flew by so the 3hours was obviously correct length of time. I had no idea that it was based on real events until after, possibly why it was so interesting, but an investigation confirmed from many sources that were actually there that it was pretty much accurate, with a tiny bit of embellishment from Scorsese. The strange thing is, from some of the brokers that I have come across, while the extent of illegal stock activity might be lower, I can imagine the partying, drugs and hookers are no different.

An excellent film well worth a watch 4.5 out of 5

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