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Film 33 Goodbye World and film 34 Jobs and Film 36 Animal House

An evening and night on my own, no energy and not even the remotest idea of what to do as even that was going to take too much energy so, for the first time in a long time, just me and the TV, not even the computer I was that knackered. As you can imagine with today's lack of quality programming, there was fuck all on so to the movies on demand.

Goodbye World

The one advantage of being on my own is there is no need to compromise on film choice, so a bit of trawling through Goodbye world was looking good.

It's description start with talk about a cyber terrorist attack triggering an apocalypse and a group of friends fighting it out together. Then you have a look at the images and it's a man and child in silhouette with a burning city in the distance.

Looked right up my street, geek, fighting and survival

Sadly, no it wasn't. This was as close to a chick flick as you could get with impending doom as part of the plot. Mostly focusing on the group of friends and their interactions and how they were facing each other with problems that all of them had faced, sometimes between one another. God it was tedious and really really boring. A couple of good characters, more thought choice of actors than the film, but it made me consider friends as something amazing. While I suspect they were trying to show how people my react when the potentially see the end of the world coming and all the creature comforts and life requirements disappear, it was actually something with so little depth I cant believe that it was invested in, not really a surprise that I hadn't even heard of it previously...

So a 1 out of 5 just because it managed to be made<br>


I avoided this at the cinema and had been wondering if I would ever watch it. Not because of any issues of Steve Jobs or Apple but could Ashton Kutcher actually do the man justice. That was something that I didn't need to worry about as sadly the film didn't allow him to do that anyway. I believe that Kutcher certainly did well, not so sure about the whole walk but I never met the man but I expect there would have been a huge outcry if it hadn't been too correct. As this is an area that I am very interested in, I believe its always good to know the history of what you do for a living, it helps you appreciate it a but more, I have read lots of different books, some directly about Jobs and many about what was happening around that era and since. Possibly there was just too much to fit into a film possibly they didn't want to make it too deep for non geeks but it really comes across as just a quick highlighted skim of his life and personality. From my reading, its not wrong I just feel that it lacks a lot of the information and what he was doing at certain points in his life and why. Also, it did show how focused he was, often at the expense of what most people would call friends, but I get the feeling it missed out how focus he was at the expense of many other, possibly how "Evil" he was

I would say its well worth a watch, if you have any interest in any thing computing but reading would be a far better method of getting to know the man that he possibly was. 3.5 out 5

Animal House

A nice bit of light weight entertainment from yesteryear, starring the amazing John Belushi<br>

From my teenage years I remember these films being always a little bit naughty but its certainly nothing like some of the films that are made these days. It is truly a fun romp of a film similar to many of those made at the time, I now believe a time where films were actually funny and harmless. Watching Bluto (John Belushi's character) crush a can against his head certainly has to be one of the coolest things in cinematography. I don't think they were trying to push any agenda or political angle but watching it now I think it can be used to show how having fun could possibly far more important than many other things. I did watch it and, obviously not to the same extremes, I do see some of the antics that my mates and I have gotten up to over the years.

Watch it, love it and remember, life is for living not just surviving 4 out of 5

So there you go 3 films, 1 evening. I've not checked but I must be pretty close to being on target for the 52 for the year....

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