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Film 39 R.I.P.D

Continuing the day of film watching and getting closer to being back on track (I still think I will get the 52 films in as I have a load of annual leave just before Christmas through to the new year).

So, one shit film, one good but certainly not enhancing anything for my world, I was looking for a crime/drama/scifi film that was about an hour and 1/2 that might make me think a little bit more taxing. You would not believe just how difficult that is. It appears its pretty much law that films must now be in excess of two hours. I finally found one, a fairly recent release on the sky on demand, R.I.P.D

I really don't know where they get the little descriptions from that they use to describe the films but it all very deep dark and very different from what you really get. Luckily, this time, it wasn't as much of a fail as the Goodbye World nonsense that I had to fight through previously. This is actually a comedy, I'm not a fan of Jeff Bridges but I don't think he has done much comedy and he was a little bit of a let down. The first thing I got out of the film was it being something similar to the Men in Black series. A comedy person in Ryan Reynolds and then the serious deadpan in Jeff Bridges and thats where he fails. Not SciFi but certainly fantasy, lots of people who die not making it to the afterlife, a whole load of dead law enforcement officers sent back to earth with a disguise, there to hunt down those that should be no longer on earth. Add in a few baddies, some cool technology and you will understand the whole film. Spoiler alert, they win.

Its all set up for a sequel, I don't know if it was a success at the box office enough for them to do it but I'm pretty sure they will, lets hope they drop Jeff bridges!!

3 out of 5, they need a better deadpan guy

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