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Film 4 - Vinyl

Nope, not the channel but just the fourth full film of the year watched.


So, after the last film, this couldn't have really been any different.

Once again, it was a Sunday afternoon with fuck all on TV and everyone knows exactly what the weather has been like, here in the UK since Christmas . So we dug into the depths of Virgin media and their on demand service and this just sat the waiting for us to select it.

What isn't to like about this film. It's based on a true story, based on something that a man by the name of Mike Peters did (for youngster and people from foreign lands he was the force behind the band the Alarm, a famous Welsh band of the 1980). Two of its stars are Phil Daniels and Keith Allen. Loads of it is filmed in Wales (North Wales not quite as good as south) and then to top it off, there is lots of good punk music.

It's a good paced, happy feeling film and, without giving too much away, was great seeing today's wanky music industry having two very large fingers shown it.

I had not even seen it mentioned in passing before and that not only surprises my but actually upsets me a little, more people need to and deserve to see this film. Hunt it down, you won't be sorry

8 out of 10 stars!!! 'Free rock n roll'

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