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Film 43 - Time Lapse

So, not slept, go out for all(ish but thats another story) day drinking bound to sleep like a baby that night. Ermmm no, not a chance.

Once again, silly time in the morning, an hour trying to get back to sleep, fail, movies here we come.

So choice of film this early morning Time Lapse, a group of house mates find a camera that takes photos of the future.

Not a premise t a film that I have come across in the past and looked like a good idea. Turns out it was and a pretty good film was made of it.

Lots of twists and turns throughout the entire film, keeping the watcher, even a very tired watcher entertained.

The twists are started with the death of the creator of the machine and tying that to a letter that he has written to a friend. All three immediately jump to a conclusion that leads to a lot more choices, issues and problems

I'm not really going to say much more as you need to go into the film clear of any previous knowledge, saying any more might give too much away and spoil how things progress through

A very enjoyable film, I don't think its ever going to go down as a classic or be something that your willing to watch again and again but certainly worth taking the time to take a look if you haven't seen it before and its on

A solid 3.5 Stars, worthy of the time spent watching it and very enjoyable

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