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Film 45 - College Road Trip

Smashing through these films now and making great in roads into catching up with where I should be. The last film of the weekend and one that wasn't my choice but still ultra tired and head shot I couldn't make any more decisions.

As you will be aware from many of my previous posts the weekend choices of my girlfriend can often be very very bad and are always pretty random. It is often a case where she will choose a film and manage about 15 minutes at most before having to turn it off as its so bad

As I'm still tired I really don't care and it kicks off.

Here we have the sheriff of a nice town and the battle of, what he views as protecting, but she sees as preventing, his daughters freedom to do what she wants and to go to the college that she wants.

Daughter, is the perfect child, extremely well behaved, very intelligent (she wins, what should have been a no lose case to the prosecution, in a mock court room) but she likes to have fun. She gets offered a place at what everyone things is the perfect college for the course and job that she wants to do.

The rest of the story is a comic and silly journey of how she get to the interview for this place in college despite all the intentional and unintentional efforts of her father to try and get her to go to the college that is just up the road. All so he can protect her..

They meet some strange people on route, her little brother sneaks onto the trip and they have a lot of fun. Everything works out fine for everyone. You can guess how it all ends but thats not the point of the film its all about the journey there.

Once again, very little though required. A very nice film to have if you can't think or to just tick along in the background as noise while your doing something else.

Lets give it 3 Stars, I liked it more but I think thats because I really was so headshot some of the other stuff that I have turned off recently I could have watched but it did have some funny moment.

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