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Film 46 - Last Vegas

Pretty stellar cast in this one, they certainly rolled out some big guns and it really worked

Morgan Freeman, Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline, I suspect the only thing bigger than that of recent years has been the Expendables, that was quite funny as well). This was one of the options available when we went to see The Delivery Man and we certainly made the wrong choice looking back on it.

I think the best way to look at this film is all the best of four great actors, playing fun parts tied in with all the best of the Hangover. Remove all the really shitty stupid stuff and you have this film. The little one liners are amazing, the way that it tells the story of how their lives have changed, how much they don't realise how great their lives are and how much each has done for each other and the life that they all still have in them.

It really is a funny and entertaining film to watch, although I will never be able to get the time back that we wasted watching the delivery man, doing that did give us this surprise and fun to watch on a miserable winters day.

Get it and watch it, with Christmas day coming up a perfect time as we all know there will be nothing actually on TV that will be worth watching at any point.

4 out of 5, excellent

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