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Film 49 - Her

Something that I had wanted to watch as it is all about a computer.

It's set in the future where operating systems are far more advanced and the way in which we interact with them, randomly, is still the same, pretty much, as now. Anyway, a new operating system is launched that contains an AI and this sad lonely guys, who's job is to write letters for lazy arses who can't be bothered to dictate them themselves. That is the first point you realise that this is going to be a strange film. It turns out that sad blokey has recently separated from his wife and is just holding onto divorce papers. He starts working with his AI computer for day to day tasks, she is learning all the time. The story of their life builds and how they interact with each other and how life moves on.

This is not a bad film, there has certainly been a lot of thought into how this might happen and how the interaction between human and machine could work. With the technology advances and the amount of work that is being pushed into AI of all forms at the moment you can consider this as something that might happen.

I'm not going to go into too much detail but the route this couple take has been imagined very similar to what many a relationship takes, just on an accelerated path due to the power of a computer that can run an AI system has. I think its more of a view of someone who has been stung by the love of his life in the past. Weird but certainly worth a watch

I think, that Joaquin Pheonix and Scarlet Johansson are excellent in their roles. Her voice is something that you can imagine being used in that kind of environment.

3.5 stars out of 5. Weird, not something I would normally watch but certainly not as painful as some of the things that I have seen recently

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