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Film 50 - Snowmageddon

So Week 51 out of 52 weeks and I actually him film 50 and this was a SyFy channel classic.

I will say, no matter how cool and SyFY this film is, I am still very confused as to why its called Snowmagedon.

Basically its coming up to Christmas and an unknown present is delivered to the main family. This turns out to cause problems, everything that happens in the globe happens in the village

Theres a bit of romance, bit of danger, it takes them a while to work all this out and then all manner of impossible things happening.

Like all SyFy films the special effects are bloody awful, the acting isn't much better and the story is pretty bad and thats what makes them all so good

Yet another great way to waste a couple of hours, you know what the outcome will be but the route that this one takes is particularly twisted and its so worth the watch, can't give it any less than a 4 star score

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