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Film 51 - Mr Magoriums Magical Emporium

OK, I take it back about the last film being odd, this was was really really strange. Watched 5 minutes apart, what a good way to fill an afternoon of oddness

The coolest thing is that this is film 51 and this is week 51, so that means I am on target to meet my goal and with loads of time off it shouldn't be too hard

The reason for the delay in getting this out is I decided to take a leave of absence from all the internet, well as much as I could.

So, back to the film. It looked a little bit odd straight from the start and certainly nothing I would have expected to see Dustin Hoffman in. As it turns out its a very happy film, the closest to a good christmas film that I had seen all over the Christmas Period. A living store and a man who has lived for hundreds of years. Natalie Portman play an excellent role in being the insecure and confused manager of the shop, someone not willing to want to take on the responsibility of running the place, believing that her destiny is else where.

Not quite sure of the reason for the Jason Bateman role but still doesn't really affect the film

A very nice film and quite a joy to watch, I would certainly recommend watching it and also one for the kids to join in with as well

4 stars for this, go and enjoy it

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