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Film 52 - This is the end

So, here it is, the final film required for my challenge. "But you didn't make it" I can all here you shouting. No I did I just haven't written about it yet, the reason why will be in my next post, my usual last year this year that all us bloggers appear to have to do and I have now done for many a year

So, back to the film and what a perfect one it was in title and that was just by chance, rather than design as I didn't even choose the film, I was actually out of the room at the time it was chosen and no one knew what nuber film I was on at that point. Once again we hit the very strange but also weirdly entertaining. This film stars what can be best described as the current generation of the comedy brat pack. Pretty much every comedy film has at least one of these actors in it. They are all starring as themselves or at least as some part themselves, names are the same and I suspect some of the things they do are the same but you never can tell....

So the film is about the end of the world, as opposed to the end of my challenge, and how people need to save themselves. There are lots of very funny moments and a good amount of piss taking. Certainly not what I expected the film to be when it started but so funny so many times. I would recommend this to anyway. Stick with it as it gets better throughout the film despite the random cameos (yes that is Rhianna!!!)

A good funny film and I think an excellent way to round off the challenge so I'm going to give it 4 stars

As for all you doubters that are saying I didn't really make here, between the 18th December and New Years Eve I actually watched the following films as well

  • Puss in Boots - Top quality and funny animated film, I actually realise that there are so many good "kids" animated films if you skip pretty most of disney. 4.5 stars
  • Ride Along - Ice Cube only appears to have one look and style, it was the same in Jump Street films but this is quite funny more so because of Kevin Hart. Once again 4 stars
  • And after slagging off Disney Monsters Inc and Wall-e- Monsters a good solid film, nice to watch once or twice but not much more. Worth 3.5 Stars. I do love a bit of Wall-e though and that deserves a 4 Stars
  • And the final one for this post, Muppets Most wanted - There is nothing I can really say about this film that you don't already know if you have ever watch any Muppets film. Bloody spot on and funny as always and it deserves an amazing 4.5 Stars

So there you go and what a fun challenge it has been. More about this and what next in my round up post due very soon

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