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Film 6 Part 2 of the Batman trilogy; The Dark Knight

Once again, another that significant other hasn't seen but one that I had seen at the cinema. Once again, although I like a lot of the film I still felt it was too long and drifted off in places.

Originally, watching it the first time I had blamed it on my having had a very hard day at work and being tired but in reality, despite some amazing acting performances hmmm....

Now I have that out of the way, you really, really should watch this film, Heath Ledger is truly amazing as the Joker and manages to get across the pure genius while truly psychopathic traits of the joker.

The direction and the writing are amazing at many points, some of the scenes are truly horrific without actually showing anything bad, just putting things into your mind and allowing you to fill in the rest of the detail.

this one 4 out of 5 should be five but I can't get away from the slow bits

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