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Film 7 After Earth

So, before we start I think the good old fresh Prince is amazing. I actually liked a lot of his music before most people even knew he existed but, when it comes to his films I think they are either amazing, MiB and I am Legend being two examples, or utter pants, Hitch being an excellent example. Also I'm not generally enthused when famous people pull in their children to play parts, and, looking at all the trailers, it appeared that this was going to be pretty much just them through out, I wasn't rushing to get to this one but it was there on sky, I was knackered from all the work that was being done on aforementioned house and need some R&R, this was it.

So they crash, their see that they are on a planet that they should avoid, and they need to do things, but Pop's has gone a broken himself badly but there isn't the trust there in his child (yep child in real life, child in the film). I suppose you would class it as a coming of age film while also show parents that children should be forgiven for past mistakes, all while being set in a scifi film.

Fair play it really ticked the box of, don't watch a film where parent and child are in it. Jaden Smith certainly isn't the quality of actor his father is, he isn't even anywhere near that of his fellow peers of the same age. It kind of just goes on and then the inevitable happens, he impresses his father doing what his father never thought he was capable of, he completes the task and they are saved. Lets just hope they don't crash again on the way home...

1 out of 5. It really is a oh god there is nothing on type of film.

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