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Film 8 World War z

Part of my "if I don't take a break I will die" film binge weekend. Not matter what I was going to choose it wasn't as likely to be as bad as After Earth. This was one that had showed great promise in all of the trailers that I had seen of late. Admittedly not that many trailers with how busy things had been but a couple.

Throw in the fact that this is Brad Pitt, a man who has always been amazing in all of his films I have watched, yep fight club is right up the top of my all time list of films, what could go wrong. Thankfully my faith was proven. What a great film.

As a former UN Employee he pulls in some favors, all to keep his family safe. Part of his returning the favor is having to fly around the world looking for the cause of this infection. Some amazing special effects, the view of hundreds of zombies all climbing over one another to get into the safe compound in Israel is one that stands out. It all comes down to Brad and his excellent powers of observation and then, and obviously the best bit of any film, a visit to Wales. This is really a film worth watching

4 out of 5. Watch it!!!

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