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Film 9 Captain America; The winter Solider

A forced trip to the cinema to see this one. It's terrible when the other half says that we have to go and see avengers based movies, you know a good rom com or general chick flick would be some much more fun.....

Unless you have been live in the dark ages you should know by now the whole way that the avengers movies work, lots of humor, following a theme for each avenger and the good guys battling to save the world.

Once again Captain America is back fighting for his life but this time it's against the agency that brought him back to life. He is declared a traitor and Nicky Fury has been removed so isn't there to save him. With the intertwining of this film with the tv series Marvels Agents of Shield it really does enhance things. We get introduced to some great new characters and as always with these films there are some great fight scenes and lots and lots of action. Watch it and then go back into the tv series to see how his work carries on to help others.

Yep that's two great films in a row, I'm obviously on a roll and this is certainly one to see, along with any of the avengers films and huge 4.5 out of 5. See it and do the big screen of the cinema.



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