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Introducing Python by Bill Lubanovic

An early release book review as part of the O'Reilly blogger program, I am so glad that they had added this to the list available

Introducing Python

Billed by the author as a python book for programming beginners and useful for programmers looking to use python. He certainly got that spot on with what is currently in the book.

This was an early release copy so there were quite a few chapters missing but what was there was very clear and concise. As I started to learn python about a year ago, this is the book that would have been perfect. Even now, with a lot more experience in the language it still managed to make things such as decorators much more understandable. The first 5 chapters cover the basics of the language building up at a fairly slow to allow complete beginners to understand not only the language but some of the basics of programming. While this would not be perfect for experienced programmers it will allow them to go through the chapters at a much quicker pace and still pick up what's required for the language.

The chapters still missing include dealing with data, system, networking and APIs. With the standard of what has been written so far I will certainly be buying the book on its full release.

So, if you're looking to learn python, even if you have programmed in other languages, this is certainly the best starting point as far as I have found so far and certainly worth the money.

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Introducing Python

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