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Mince Pie Square Off

Last year, well it was a little bit busy around this time, which did lead to eating a lot of crap, high fat, high sugar things just to be able to get through the day. It was during this time that I discovered a love of a specific type of Aldi mince pie. We didnt really shop that often there as when we did it was for nappies and wipes and we purchased them by the millions due to the boys issues and what kept falling out of his arse, all of which is a very different story.

After a conversation with the wife, we thought it would be useful to have a Great British Mince pie off but I was just too knackered to post to the website, it was just too much of a pain in the arse at the time.

Well the boy is a bit better, I have a little more energy and the blog has moved on (That really is another story which I will post about), so here is that battle, starting with

Gingerbread Topped Mince pies

From Aldi, just to kick things off. When being presented with this quirky little number I was a bit confused and also, had horrid thoughts in my head about this mash up. Yes gingerbread is a traditional item in many countries for Christmas, I, as much as any man, loves a little twist on the traditional mince pie but was this a step too far, could it really work.

Firstly they only come in a pack of four, I think this ties into my thinking that it just doesnt sound right and they are not expecting many people to go for it but it all looks very pretty. Opening the pack and they are all very neat in their tray, but the dark brown of the topping is immediately visible, a little sprinkle of gold flecks gives a more Christmassy feel to it. Not too heavy but each has a firm feel.

The bit is nice with gingerbread topping being firm but not hard, the main pastry but quite thin but nice and moist, the whole thing stays together very well after a clean bite.

Now to the important part, the flavours....

I was truly shocked at how well it actually worked. It is still very much a mince pie but the gingerbread adds a sweetness with a little spicy after taste. This is not going to be the champion pie, I know that already but, from experience, its going to rate a lot higher than some from your more traditional retailers. The mice its self, excellent texture and good flavouring, I'm assuming its the same that they use across most of their pies and it is excellent.

Values Per 44g pie
Energy 181 Kcal
Fat 7.5g
of which saturates 4.7g
Carbs 26g
of which sugars 19g

@ £1.49 for 4 not too expensive

We currently have nothing to compare against, health wise, but even I can tell these things are not the best for you. Just as proof, that it is me putting my life on the line so you can all live longer.

So, score rating. All will be out of 10 and with this being Christmas themed, it will be out of robins. Dont ask me why but in my mind I could only think of robins and holly.....

So without further ado I give you

Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin 7 out of 10 robins!

More to come very soon...

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