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So today, the first of November, is normally the start of a very strange month for me and normally a very busy month.

First off its Nanowrimo. Whats that your asking? More details can be found here.This is national novel writing month, I'm assuming it was just for America when it first started but, as with all things that end up on the internet, it cannot be constrained and is now a big global thing.

The second thing are the autumn internationals. As I have mentioned a few times in the past, I have a lot of Kiwi mates, well a diminishing number as they all keep buggering off back home, but enough that going all over the UK to watch rugby is a sensible things to do.

Finally there is Movember, something that has been an issue because of how dodgy I look with just a tash and the second being the good lady not liking my not saving, yet alone purposely grow something.

SO why, you're all asking, should this month be any different from any other November? Well I am getting married, oh and there was the World cup, mostly the reason why I'm getting married in November and not in October.... ;)

Obviously, Movember is right out of the window this year, I am willing to put up with the persistent nagging of not shaving but actually looking like something somewhere between porn start and a child catcher not really something I want on the wedding photos for years to come, as much as I want to be able to embarrass the future children that she is already getting excited about.So thats more my choice than any other reason.

With the world cup, nicely filling up September and October that means there are none of the usual internationals this year. After watching nearly all of the matches, think its only fair after how much they have all beaten each other up for the past 6 weeks. I have to say that I think it has been the best world cup so far, so much commitment from every single player in every single team, amateur and professional. Exciting times of seeing the benefits of the IRB pushing to develop the lower teams with Japan beating South Africa and teams like Georgia showing that they could certainly be worth of a place in the 6 (7?) nations tournament, I don't want that as that would be such a big tour, at my age it would hurt.....

So thats two of the normal things out of the way, all but Nanowrimo. While I have signed up, apparently It is law that I spend post wedding week, normally the week that I fire out most of my words with my new wife. While not great for the word score, I can understand and I'm actually looking forward to it but I do love how much more creative I get from pushing myself to write something every day. So this year, I'm still aiming for the 50K but I'm not going to do a novel, that really needs some level of concentration, This year I am aiming to blog and short story write. Some blogs will be technical, all stories will be bloody awful but it is still writing and getting the creative juices flowing.

So thats the plan, lets see how many words I can fire out. Only another thousand today to reach the target, ooooops

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