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lost? dazed? confused? dont come here then as this aint goona help!!

Ooops, I'm still here!!

SO, big crash on my hosting server and very little time means that I didn't quite get the book post out that I had planned.

Part of the reason for the late delivery and for once I am so glad I took the time, I had been learning a few new technologies as a little test on this web server but, more importantly, after years of putting it off I finally wrote the script that backed up my database. Yep 24 hours before a disk wrote its self off killing all my virtual machines. Including this one with all of my posts.


So here I am, temp server, running on digital ocean. Just wondering on what to do next. While I like the big server I had in Germany, I'm not hosting or doing anything other than personal development now and I don't need such a big server but just having it there has been useful in the past.... I will keep you updated, no matter what I'm guessing I will be building it with ansible and a few posts about that soon

Don't worry about the book review, the whole 12 books challenge, the post is missing but the challenge is going well

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